Bursary Holders

Penryn Arts Festival 2017 is providing 5 small bursaries for local artists, makers and organisers in and around Penryn, who are looking to develop new projects, workshops and initiatives here. The awardees are Phyllida Bluemel, Georgia Gendall, Samuel Rump, Graham Taylor and Amy Lawrence. Find out more about their practices and what they hope to achieve with the support of the festival below: 

Phyllida Bluemel:

Phyllida Bluemel is a book artist and illustrator whose books borrow structures from language philosophy to approach perspectives on landscape, nature and (by extension) reality. The books are constellations of images and ideas, brought together across disciplines through coincidental or formally resonant connections. A poetry of facts.

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After graduating from an MA in 2015, most of my personal practice has developed with the support of two residencies in the US. So, in my involvement with Penryn Arts Festival I would like to consciously ground my practice in my local community – to make connections with other local artists and craftspeople; and to explicitly acknowledge the deep influence of the sea, Falmouth and Penryn upon my way of thinking and working. I would also leap at the opportunity to get involved with community workshops or talks related to my project, for the same reason.

I am currently developing a series of prints, working at John Howard Print Studios, that have evolved from recent drawings. I hope to develop these, and further work, into a new book, within the context of Penryn Arts Festival. The book is, in brief, about edges and fringes. Penryn as an ancient coastal community and edgeland is the perfect centre from which to continue my research and book production. I hope to draw on traditional cartography and map-making as the work develops. The book will be bound using traditional techniques and over the course of this project I intend to research map folds and alternate bindings as I develop the book’s structure.

By the end of the festival period I would aim to have screen-printed an edition of artist books, and to have also exhibited large prints made over the course of the project. I would hope to have developed and clarified my still-developing book practice with the feedback and support of the other artists involved.

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Georgia Gendall:

Georgia Gendall is an artist and gardener living and working in Penryn. Often satirical, sometimes immersive and frequently inconclusive; her multidisciplinary practice both celebrates and critiques the relationship between failure and success, the practical and the creative, labour and the body and their intrinsic and empirical relationship to the environment.


The Bursary will be put towards establishing and constructing the ‘More or Less Garden’: a project on an allotment just outside Penryn. The More or Less Garden is considered as both a project in itself and the space in which to challenge the conventions of the studio space: considering, collaborating and engaging with the complexity of the environment as a studio. I’m interested in exploring the space as a practical and functioning garden as well as an experimental sculptural and performative platform and I hope that each will inform the other. Eventually the focus of the space will be put on a free, inclusive and collaborative space for community lead workshops and cross disciplinary skill sharing. The More or Less Garden will also host local and national artists on a short term residency basis. Artists will be invited to make site responsive and specific work within and about the space and the wider allotment community. The bursary will be put towards the development and building of the residency and community meeting space.

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Samuel Rump:

Samuel Rump is an artist and arts organiser working out of a building he has been restoring in Mawnan Smith, Cornwall. Currently he is interested in exploring the possibilities of establishing a space to support challenging emerging art in a rural setting, and is also investigating the links between and materiality of the china clay industry, Absinthe, the architect Gordon Bunshaft and Adidas.

sam rumpthecloudsamrumpnewtonscradlesamrumptransitionresidency

This bursary will help me work with other creative practitioners to develop my practice and work in a critical way toward producing a new body of work. Also giving me the opportunity to work within and build links with the creative community of Penryn, looking toward creating a sustainable and exciting outlet for the arts in our part of Cornwall.

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Graham Taylor:

Graham Taylor works from behind various masks/names/entities/collectives, and doesn’t do much on his own. He is associated with OVERT operations, TRYBE, MORECHANDISING, ATTEMPTATION, BLNT Collective, Badge Nipple, The Nicotine Tingles, and a few other masks that have fallen by the wayside. He has lived and worked in Falmouth for about 5 years now, and has frequently visited Penryn for various reasons whilst being here; it has always been in his peripheral vision, and he quite likes peripheries. His activity centres around performance and writing. It comes from words and is often manifest in words/writing/text/performance. It comes from performance and is often manifest in performance/writing/t-shirts/sound. His work is informed by an ongoing captivation/fascination/confusion about what artists do, a DIY sensitivity and a dislike of passive aesthetic contemplation (although he rather likes how it looks).


The work I am looking to grow with this programme revolves around the body and work, using performance and writing as means to articulate the body, and the body as a vessel for experience. I am also hoping to question the role/significance of individuality, trying to present one’s body as a body, not necessarily the body. I am really looking forward to pursuing this work as part of a group, to see what direction it ends up going in.

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Amy Lawrence: 

Amy Lawrence has trained predominantly as a craftsperson, with an interest in performance art, but recently this has become the bigger focus of her work. Merging together practical crafts with conceptual art Amy works to prompt a change in attitude to craft. Amy is interested in traditional celebrations and rituals, and the invention of new mythologies, mimicking the behaviour of some of these traditions within her practice. The research in this line of enquiry involves looking at anthropology, dress, music, sport, religion, local politics and the nature of people in general and their ideas of normality in a historic and contemporary setting. This manifests usually as a presentation of poetry, sound and music performance in costume in a scenic location with only a few viewers, using instruments that she has made alongside some traditional instruments. Sound in motion is also of interest and Amy has experimented with walking sound projects, something she would like to do more of.

amylawrence2amylawrenceamyThe worm instruments

I would like to use the bursary and support sessions to further this ongoing project and create a bigger performance with other musicians and performers around a garden or woodland near to Penryn with the potential for a parade or ‘sound ramble’. I would also like to run one or several workshops in the weeks beforehand in making sound artefacts and costume so that people can learn new craft skills while having a part to play in the performance. I feel this project would really benefit from the support sessions, as it would be for the community and involve them, so I think group feedback would help to bring a feeling of collaboration to the work.

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