Etheridge & Persighetti: Workshop

Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti are artists, performance makers, and educators based in Penryn, who create and produce projects locally, nationally and internationally  that explore the interrelationships between people and places.

Recently they have been exploring the network of relationships between shoppers, food and traders at Leeds Kirkgate Market in Personal Shopper, a 3-year project commissioned by Compass Live Art. In 2016 they ran an artist DIY project on David Bowie’s legacy through the lens of stargazing and performance writing inaugurated through the Live Art Development Agency. Locally they have produced Stor{m}y Nights cabarets at the The Seven Stars (2012-16) and enacted an awakening of the ‘invisible’ buildings of Glasney in the 750th year of its founding In Polsethow shall habitations or marvellous things be seen (2015).

Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti are both experienced workshop facilitators and educators. They held lecturer/senior lecturer posts at Dartington College of Arts and Falmouth University, specialising in site-specific performance practice and devised theatre.

For the Penryn Arts Festival Katie and Simon will be hosting both a workshop, Making Writing, to be held in Temperance Hall on Monday 20th November, and a special edition of Stor{m}y Nights, venue tbc on Friday 1st December.

Making Writing Penryn:

There are so many ways to write and it is not always something that appears on blank sheets of paper. What happens when we think of writing as an action or as a kind of making activity?

The workshop will offer a creative gathering that explores writing as a making-process and will take as its starting point, The Making of the Town of Penryn. We will introduce different modes of performance writing in a workshop that provides an opportunity to generate texts that take shape like maps of place and memory.

What makes Penryn? What words have shaped Penryn? What is made in Penryn?

To book your space on the Making Writing workshop please click here.

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Etheridge & Persighetti Porous City