Handling Collection

The Handling Collection consists of an assortment of objects, large and small, which have been sourced and borrowed from a variety of artists, ranging from the internationally renowned to the highly skilled local makers we have on our doorstep. From the functional to the totally useless the collection has been curated to be borrowed for whatever you wish, whether that be for your own living room exhibition, to brighten up a public space, or bring a point of interest and diversity to your up and coming event.

Have a browse of the collection below and if you are interested in borrowing any pieces send an email to info@fieldnotes.org.uk using Handling Collection as the subject heading alongside the following details:

  • Which artworks you are interested in borrowing
  • Where you wish to display these pieces
  • The dates you would like the collection for

Juneau Projects :

The work of artists Ben Sadler and Philip Duckworth, Juneau Projects created this collection of bright and bold plywood objects to decorate the facade of a pop-up pavilion during recent event Makers Of The Multiverse. All are available to transform any space into a temporary world of colour and wonder!

CommonRoom Wallpapers:

Five original A4 samples from CommonRoom artists, which bring high quality art, and wallpaper, to the foreground through both the beatifically simplistic to the wildly inventive.

Rosalie Schweiker – Tea Towel:

Schweiker imagines a future art institution in a way that evaluates how art organizations can be improved in order to become useful in civic society. Bringing art into everyday life instead of inside gallery spaces, how will you use Schweiker’s teatowel?

Rosalie Schweiker

46cm x 72cm

Starlee Kine – Cutting Board:

Designed for cutting onions and healing heartbreak, Starlee Kine’s maple wood chopping board includes an engraved piece, which fades with use, instructions for crying and a locker poster.

20.5cm x 30.5cm x 2cm

David Shrigley – Travel Wallet:

Written and illustrated by Shrigley this leather travel wallet consists of four double sided phrase cards, designed to help in any travel situation, alongside a removable 24 page passport book, offering Shrigley’s take on a full travel experience.

  9.5cm x 14cm

Assemble – The Granby Workshop Catalogue: 

Launched through the 2015 Turner Prize the Granby Workshop sells a range of handmade homeware, made by local people, following the community led rebuilding of the once derelict Granby neighborhood of Liverpool. The newsprint catalogue re-tells the story of Granby and details these products.


23.5cm x 34cm

Otto Dettmer – Screen Printing Manual:

Designed and used as a teaching tool at Marshfield Screen Print, the Screen Printing Manual has been printed and cut from a single sheet of paper and features a centre page double spread. Printed onto Heritage book paper with a 320gsm craft board cover.

    15cm x 22cm

Patrick Lowry – Ceramic Stairs:

Falmouth based artist Patrick Lowry focuses on installation pieces which examine the relationships between viewer and objects/physical spaces. This recent work takes the form of a 18cm x 11cm ceramic piece and accompanying 3.5cm x 4cm tile.


Lisa Anne Auerbach – Pattern Book and sampler:

This 39cm x 6.5cm knitted sample of Auerbach’s tongue-in-cheek, politically focused work comes accompanied by ‘Charted Patterns for Sweaters That Talk Back’; a 30cm x 22.5cm pattern book guide to Auerbach’s topical sweater designs, complete with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own political statement.


Georgia Gendall – Work Boot:

Based in her allotment in Penryn, Georgia Gendall’s work challenges the traditional view of an artist studio. Taken from her project ‘The Hands Free Gardener’, this multi-use boot is available to assist with those gardening chores.

30cm x 17cm

Bridgette Ashton, Sovay Berriman, Stuart Robinson – Ceramics:

Due to the fragile nature of the pieces these items are unfortunately not available to be borrowed. These pieces will be making an appearance at several spaces and events where you can view these items and handle certain pieces.

Bridgette Ashton:

13.7cm x 13.7cm tile and approx 19cm x 16cm x 15cm piece.

Sovay Berriman:

13cm x 12cm tile with cloth and approx 12.5cm x 12cm x 12cm piece.

Stuart Robinson

13.7cm x 13.7cm tile and approx 12cm x 7.5cm x 13cm

Laure Prouvost – Wantee Eyeballs

Taken from the Turner Prize winning project Wantee, these ceramic salt and pepper shakers formed part of Prouvost’s tribute to a fictional grandfather. The said piece also involves a grandmother keen to ensure every piece of her husband’s artwork could become a functional one.


Approx 5.5cm x 5cm

Bedwyr Williams – Bedwyr

Combining art, the banalities of life and comedy, Bedwyr’s work centers around sculpture, installation and performance. This high fired stoneware ‘pickle jar’ head has developed as a result of a ‘bog man’ head featured in Bedwyr’s film ‘Century Egg’.



24cm x 22cm x 14cm

Peter Hodgson – Tiles

The earthenware tiles are one of a kind, from a collection made by Ambleside based leatherworker and artist, Peter Hodgson. Based around an animal theme, these have been hand painted.



10.6cm x 10.5cm


 10.25cm x 10.4cm

Rosanna Martin – Not rocks

Rosanna Martin is a Penryn based ceramicist whose workshop b.r.i.c.k.w.o.r.k.s is on Jubilee Wharf. Not Rocks is a recent piece.
Not Rocks
Bone China, about 36%, unlocated
Waste material, probably quartz, St. Austell spoil heap
Impure ‘sand’, Morden Wharf, Thames
Waste china clay, River Fal
Pewter, tankard, charity shop
Tin glaze, unlocated

Ranges from approx 5cm x 3.5cm largest piece to 3cm x 2cm smallest

Adrian Holmes – Deer Meets Fox

Adrian Holmes is a woodblock printmaker focusing on the Japanese methods of printing.  His work focuses on loose themes of rambling and everyday happenings.

Amy Lawrence – Instrument 

Amy Lawrence has trained predominantly as a craftsperson, with an interest in performance art, but recently this has become the bigger focus of her work.

Graham Taylor – Ruptured Guts Zine

Graham Taylor works from behind various masks/names/entities/collectives, and doesn’t do much on his own.

Sam Rump – Pernod Bottle

Samuel Rump is an artist and arts organiser working out of a building he has been restoring in Mawnan Smith, Cornwall. Currently he is interested in exploring the possibilities of establishing a space to support challenging emerging art in a rural setting, and is also investigating the links between and materiality of the china clay industry, Absinthe, the architect Gordon Bunshaft and Adidas.

Phyllida Bluemel – The Tang of Height, book

Phyllida Bluemel is a book artist and illustrator whose books borrow structures from language philosophy to approach perspectives on landscape, nature and (by extension) reality. The books are constellations of images and ideas, brought together across disciplines through coincidental or formally resonant connections. A poetry of facts.

More objects will be added soon!