Penryn Arts Festival 2017 is offering 5 bursaries for local artists, makers and organisers in and around Penryn, who are looking to develop new projects, workshops and initiatives for the town.

PAF 2017 will explore craft: the value of haptic reasoning, local historical connotations and connections to making, as well as the subversion of ancient methods and traditions through contemporary art.

We want to celebrate the creative spirit that lives in Penryn’s community and the artisanal skills that are flourishing in the town and the wider locale. So if you have an idea for an art/craft based project/workshop/business that you want to get off the ground in Penryn this is a great opportunity to meet like minded people and test out your ideas.

Whats on offer:

  • A one off bursary of £600
  • Peer led support sessions with fellow bursary holders
  • Advice from Field Notes
  • Promotion through Penryn Arts Festival platforms
  • A pitch at the PAF October Fair
  • Access to a small additional fund for training, skills development and research

What is expected of you:

  • Delivery of at least one public workshop/event in Penryn
  • Your active participation within the group
  • Your participation in the shaping and evaluating of the PAF bursary programme

If you’d like to apply for a bursary please email info@fieldnotes.org.uk with ‘PAF Bursary Application’ as the subject.

Include a short statement about your idea/project and what you would hope to get out of being part of the bursary programme (no more than 300 words). If you’d like us to consider your past experience or see photos of your work please include a CV, and a weblink to relevant portfolio or website.

The deadline for applications is 30th July