Skills Share Fair Pitch Holders

Nina Fenner:

Nina will be running a drop in workshop where you can have a go at making a variety of simple decorated book structures/artists books using a variety of folding, cutting and glueing techniques. These will be suitable for all ages.

She will also have a display of a wide variety of the books that she has made over the years which you will be very welcome to look at and handle, a display of more traditional bookbinding techniques and tools, and information about future workshops.

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Lucie Hernandez:

Lucie will be providing a drop-in ‘Illuminated Felt Stars’ workshops, using simple sewing techniques to cut out and create stars, snowflakes and other festive shapes that shine! You will learn new skills to combine textiles with technology to sew a basic circuit in conductive thread to include an LED light and small batteries. You can choose to embellish your creation by adding buttons and beads.


Adrian Holmes:

Adrian Holmes is a woodblock printmaker focusing on the Japanese methods of printing. While living and working in Japan he fell in love with the beautiful craft and began to study its various approaches and techniques. He is based at Krowji Studios in Redruth where he focuses on his practice and teaches woodblock printing. He regularly runs printing workshops from his studio and around the UK. His work focuses on loose themes of rambling and everyday happenings.

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Dan O’Brien:

Penryn resident Dan O’Brien will be sharing his love of marbling, try out different techniques and take home your own marbled paper. Dan learned some marbling as a child and has been fascinated by it since then. He started marbling more seriously a couple of years ago. He likes the unpredictability of it, and the way fluid movement can be captured. He also makes and repairs ceramics and has a fairly broad interest in craft.

At the Skills Share Fair Dan will be demonstrating and teaching three types of paper marbling all of which involve floating ink on water then laying paper on top to capture an image. Depending on the method the inks behave differently and produce a range of patterns and images that can be bold or subtle, simple or complex. Dan would also like to invite you to bring an object to marble, this could be anything with an absorbent surface such as wood, fabric, unglazed ceramic – just make sure it’s clean & dry!

Dan will also provide information for anyone interested in trying out marbling at home.

Kate Ogley and Timothy Crowley:

At the skills fair Kate & Timothy will be inviting participants of all ages to create beautiful press-moulded clay bees later to be incorporated into a ceramic swarm.

Swarm is inspired by a dream. In 1265 the Bishop of Exeter Walter Bronescombe was instructed in a dream by Thomas Becket (the archbishop of Canterbury) to found a college in Penryn on the site of a large willow tree that contained a swarm of bees. This was Glasney College which was built not far from what is today Falmouth University and stood for 300 years.

This project has been commissioned by Falmouth Exeter Plus and will include bees made by Penryn residents as well as staff and students from the University campus. The ceramic swarm will be installed within the branches of a willow tree at the top of Elm Drive on the Penryn campus on the 8th March 2018. Swarm will celebrate Penryn’s longstanding connection with educational institutions.


Kate’s website

Oli Raymond Barker:

Oliver Raymond-Barker is an artist and maker based in Penryn. He works with photography in its broadest sense, using analogue and digital processes, natural materials and camera less methods of image making. Oli works with the raw potential of light and the mechanics of photography to make images and objects that expand upon notions for what photography is and can be. Oli will be showcasing his collection of Camera Obscura’s at the Skills Share Fair.

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Camilla Stacey:

Camilla Stacey of Make Stuff/Drink Stuff will be offering the opportunity to try out various different methods of weaving. She’s also hoping to meet lots of local makers who could be included in her Penryn Makers Directory which will become a ‘time capsule’ of Penryn in 2017.

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MakeStuff/DrinkStuff website

Stuart Robinson:

Stuart’s work explores imagery and inspiration from a wide range of sources across art, media, landscape and popular culture digested and condensed into object and form. It explores familiar shapes, colour and materials from our daily encounters with media, signs and surroundings.

For the Skills Share Fair Stuart will be providing cyanotype taster sessions where you can learn and have a go at this photographic printing process. Stuart will also have some DIY cyanotype kits available to buy own the day.

Stuart Robinson - Cyanotype

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Sohn Kitchen:

Sohn Kitchen will be teaching the basics of making kimchi! A simple process but hard to master – learn how to salt your vegetable, make a tasty paste, put it all together!

Kimchi is an ancient Korean method of preserving vegetables and is part of a ferment-rich cuisine. There are hundreds of varieties that change seasonally depending on the vegetables available, including sweet potato, spinach, kale, carrot and mustard leaf.

There are many health benefits to kimchi. As a fermented food, it is pro-biotic and good for your gut, whilst containing lots of raw garlic, ginger and chili as well as maintaining the original nutrients of the main vegetable. It is better to think of kimchi as a process, then apply it to local, seasonal vegetables. We will focus on kales, cabbages and squat as winter sets in.

Feel free to bring your own kimchi in if you want any advice, otherwise just drop in to take part. The whole process takes at least a couple of hours, so we will instead show you the various stages separately, and how the vegetable changes at various points in its salting. There will also be recipe cards for you to take home.

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InterAnima will be providing one to one sessions for people to experience the joy of drawing in virtual reality. Using their state of the art VR Vive head set and Tilt brush you can create 3D drawings that you can work through and around.

“Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless”

interanima tilt brush workshop

InterAnima’s website

Fish Factory Art Space:

Fish Factory Art Space is moving to Penryn! Come and meet us and hear all the latest news about our move from our six year home on Falmouth Wharves upstream to Penryn. We have a grand vision to convert the new premises so we can continue to provide affordable studios and workspace for local artists and international visitors. We are also opening a new shop, cafe and gallery for socially engaged and experimental artwork and events. To the Penryn Arts Festival Skills Share Fair we’ll be bringing art, prints and crafts from our studio residents, Fish Factory recycled sketchbooks and tote bags and we’ll be asking what the creative community of Penryn would like from us in 2018.

Fish Factory website

Fish Factory Crowdfunder

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Penryn Arts Festival Bursary Holders:

Our Penryn Arts Festival bursary holders will be hosting a stall and the stage, inviting you to take part in various workshops throughout the day which will influence a mini pantomime style performance every hour. Get involved with elements of writing, assisting with costumes and watch what happens!

Bursary holder Sam Rump will also be providing a drop-in ceramic slip casting workshop in the Stuart Stephens Memorial Hall.

You can find out more about this year’s bursary holders here.